Internationale Projekte

A la research de la homeland perdu. Following the traces of Armenian history in Transylvania

This project is about remembrance and the question of how to develop the feeling of home. Melinda Tamas’ research work goes back to her home town Székelyudvarhely in Transylvania, and neighboring areas and little towns such as the Armenian settlements in Erzsébetváros and Szamosújvár, two cities entirely built by Armenians. Amongst Hungarians, Romanians, Germans, Roma,…

Loss of oneself in a zone of common heritage

Melinda Horvath together with Evgenia Anyebe and Romuald Tamas are working on their coming art and socio-political project, to which many Eastern (Bulgarian, Romanian and Hungarian) and Western (Austrian) European players contribute, and through their cross border photo project try to find answers and new questions as well as traditional and new sights on the…

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